Out of His Deep Blue

It looked like a huge Stingray, which made me side step out the way. As I did, it billowed out and seemed to pop, like a huge balloon, before disappearing into His deep blue again.

I stopped walking in the waves crest, and waited on the sand for a better look. It disappeared as the waves sucked it back in, and it then came back, this time closer and bigger.

What I was seeing was no fish; it was blue and gold, and lots of it. I stepped back into the waves, knee deep, and reached for it as the waves pushed it in closer to me. I grabbed onto it with a somewhat fearless confidence.

I reached and pulled it out of the deep blue sea. It was a piece of cloth. I hauled and pulled and it seemed never ending. It was beautifully intact, no fraying, no holes, nothing but a perfect piece of very long beautiful gold and blue fabric.

This was no ordinary piece of fabric, I took it as a gift from God, for whatever reason I did not know, but I thanked Him for allowing me the ease to retrieve and receive it, and for His gift from His deep blue ocean.

It was heavy laden with water and sand, so I had to drag it before I could gather it into my arms. I took it into the estuary and rinsed off all the sand and tried to fold it, but failed. So I rolled it into my arms and carried it back to the chalet.

I draped it over the lines, as one was not enough. I had to peg it on each line and as I hung it the wind tried to grab hold of it causing it to billow into beautiful waves of gold and blue. As I watched it, I thought about what I could do with it; I could get some pj’s made, or we could make lovely tops or skirts. There was so much that could be done with it. I watched it billow in the wind with joy, and when it dried, I took it off with ease as it was now very lightweight. I folded it and put it away ready to take back home.

This was the weekend before Christmas and we were spending it with my sister and her husband at a holiday resort. The following weekend would be another that we would be spending together at a friend of my sister for Christmas lunch. So, whilst we were there we discussed which part of the meal we would prepare and take along.

On the same day we arrived back home, I washed my beautiful gift from God. Again I looked at it on the line and spent many thoughts on what I could do with it.

During the week, the plans for Christmas changed. Suddenly we were having Christmas lunch at our house. There would be six of us so I had to think about table settings, whether inside or outside. We could do it at the dining table for six, and I could use my lovely woven white tablecloth. However, around the table was quite squashy and if it was a hot day we would struggle with the heat. I thought about outside by the pool, and if I put the two tables together, lengthways, it would be perfect. However, I did not have a tablecloth to fit across those two tables…or did I?

I went to my linen cupboard and searched for a tablecloth and I found nothing to fit. I held up the fabric from the deep blue and that is when the reason for the gift of that beautiful gold and blue fabric struck me. It was a tablecloth for Christmas day, the perfect width and length, enough to cut and use on two different table settings. God knew our Christmas plans before I did, and He knew the weather would be perfect to sit outside, and He knew that I would love to have the same cloth on the two joined tables, and the serving table too. He knew why I needed that cloth long before I found it. I imagine He must have laughed with all the thoughts that were forming in my mind about how I could use it. Once again I was drawn into praise and thanks giving for my Heavenly Dad who knew so much better than me.

He saw me walking on that beach, far from where we were fishing, and I believe He’d ordained very long ago to send my gift in a way that I would know it was from Him. I believe He also knew that I would use it as a conversational piece to magnify the reason for celebrating Christmas. He clearly knew I would share that Jesus was a gift for us sinners, and the gold and blue fabric, a gift for our celebration luncheon about His birth and life.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the beautiful blue and gold fabric, a special and beautiful gift, sent especially for me on the waves of Your deep blue ocean, to use specifically to lift, praise and glorify Your precious name. Thank You, my Awesome Father God, especially for Your Son Jesus, and my new tablecloth, in His name I pray, amen.

Ephesians 2:8
For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God

©Cheryl D. Robins 2011


With The Disciples!

Not too sure where I was! Not too sure what exactly I was doing! I do know however that it involved praying.
Suddenly, I was sitting on a little hill of my own, with a blanket of green grass underneath me. The hill abruptly flattened out, and it was as though I was on a carpet of beautiful soft lawn with a rustic brown frill of soil.
It started moving like the magic carpets you see in the animated genie movies. There was no one that I could see pushing or pulling the piece of earth, but it was moving. I moved into a zone away from life on earth itself, or so it seemed. I was surrounded by blankness, bright beautiful blankness.
It was then that I heard voices of men, learned men. They were deliberating about a manual, a life manual. Their voices sounded ancient but extremely wise, like elders with sensible knowhow.
I looked and did not see their faces, but, and although I could not visually identify them, something told me who they were.
I was sitting in the presence of Paul, Peter, Simon and other disciples who I am unable to name. Yes, the disciples were with me, or should I say, I was with them. I was grounded on the piece of lawn so could not move closer to them.
Their deliberation was centered on me. I was in awe; I could not believe where I was, this honour, to be with such amazing men of God. These guys knew Jesus in person. They had walked and talked and eaten with Him. These men learnt firsthand, in the flesh, from the Great Master, the Great I Am. And I was in their company, wow!
Then one of them walked over to me. It was Paul. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “This is your manual of life, from God Himself”! With that he handed me a book, turned and walked back to the others.
Once again, the green lawn carpet that I was still sitting on began to move back in the direction it came. Soon I was back in familiar earthly surroundings.
I landed back in my childhood home, on the same couch we grew up with. The sitting room was full of people, some I knew and others not. The lawn carpet was nowhere to be seen.
I had the manual in my hand, the only proof to me of where I had been.
I jumped to my feet, manual in raised hand and started shouting with uncontrollable excitement.
“Whoever does not believe in prayer is crazy. I have just been with Paul, Peter, Simon and other disciples, and they have given me this manual of life, it’s an answer to prayer. God is real, everyone needs to believe, He is real, and this manual is from Him”.
I was shouting and waving the manual in the air in my hand. I did not care if any thought I was crazy because I knew where I had been, who I was with, and what happened. It was all very clear and very real. I wanted everyone there to know that Jesus is alive and real, that they should all believe.
And then I woke up.
I had been dreaming, and all I wanted to do was to go back to that wonderful dream just so I could maybe go back to that place where the disciples were, that place which was clearly that much closer to my Lord Jesus.
After deliberating about the manual, I realized that it was the Bible, the Living Word of God, from God Himself. I am not too sure of the message I am supposed to derive from the dream, and I kind of wish there was an interpreter.
For now I will believe that God is trying to tell me that I need to soak more into His Living Word so that I can meditate more on what I am needing to do in obedience to His calling.
Acts 2:17 (NKJV) ‘ And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.

©Cheryl D. Robins 2011

Life @ Home

What kind of life @ home do you live

Do you think about the things you do

What examples to yours do you give

To those loved ones looking up to you

Are you intentional about doing right

Or are you selfish and just don’t care

Do you think about their future plight

Or are you not bothered how they fare

If you have answered yes to this inquiry

Then I suggest you change your ways

Your loved ones don’t deserve to worry

In living a lifestyle that forever sways

I propose you consider some life lessons

To be intentionally good and influential

Start with some living The Word sessions

As life @ home with God is exceptional

John  14:23                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word;                                                                                                                                                   and my Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him”.

Laughing…what a joy!

Every morning when I return home after school drop off or shopping, one of my 3 cats,
Kovu, waits in the driveway for me. As I open the electric gate and reverse into
my carport, he runs around the side of the house, jumps into the window and sits
in the sitting room waiting, as if he was there all the
Today was the same, however, there was a twist that had me laughing
As I reversed in, the dog from next door who was running on the road, ran into my
yard. I stopped the car, jumped out wanting to chase him out the gate again. But
he was nowhere to be found.
I then realised that he had jumped over the wall back into his own yard, but not
before I scanned the area looking for him.
Whilst scanning, something in the tree caught my eye. It was very bushy with a wide
tail and it was clinging with all fours wrapped around the tree trunk. My first
thoughts were, it’s a fuzzy squirrel. Then the fuzzy animal turned its head to
look down, eyes huge and white. That is when I realised what or rather, who it
It was my Kovu who had obviously run out of the way of the dog and straight up the
tree…in the dogs yard.
He looked so funny and I could not stop laughing as I thought what his thoughts
must have been when he saw that dog charging towards him. He would not have
known that the dog was running away from me, probably in fear
When I eventually unlocked the security gates and front door, low and behold, guess
who was lying there as if nothing had happened, my funny fuzzy
For the laugh I had and the joy I felt whilst laughing, I give thanks to my Lord,
the Creator of me and my emotions.

Laughing is good medicine and something I recommend that everyone endure on a daily

Psalm 100: 1-3
1 Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! 2 Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before His presence with singing. 3 Know that the Lord, He is God; It is He
who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His

My Dad!

Can’t help but love my Dad!
I go to His house generally on the weekend, and every time I do, I cherish that time and more than often, I want to stay and not go back to my own home. I meet up with other family members who also visit His house on a regular basis. It’s amazing, every time I visit, there is a new adopted child, and there are now so many additional brothers and sisters, of all different races, that I don’t even know all their names. And, what I truly love about my Dad is that He is not racist at all and there are no favourites, He shows us all the same love. I always feel like we must surely all have the same biological blood flowing through our veins, which is obviously why it is very easy for me to love my growing family.
More that often, there is the same family member who ‘takes the stage’ so to speak, and he shares stories with all of us about our Dad’s life and all those people that crossed in His path. I love those stories, and through them I learn how He has been so successful, and because of that I inevitably try and follow in His wise footsteps.
I did not always love my Dad, which hurts because He always loved me regardless of how I felt or behaved, and I didn’t know this. I only realised late in life how awesome He was, and when I started spending time with Him, it made me sad that I did not accept Him sooner. He was there watching me being born, and He was with me from that day on till now, and He never ever pushed me aside or forgot I was there. I wish I could have loved Him from that precious moment and I wish I could have known how much He loved me. Gosh, how my life would have been so much better if I had not rebelled against my Dad…sigh! But when I told Him my story and asked Him to forgive me, He opened His arms wide and invited me to sit with Him as He held me and loved me like none other before. And then He said something that made me cry with sheer joy, He said, “I forgave you before you asked and I have loved you from even before you were born”. From that moment on I have never looked back, and the more I love Him the more I feel loved, it is so cool.
I have to admit I do get excited when I hear the story about how our Dad is busy building houses for each of us, on His property, just so all of us can live close to Him forever. I know I sound like a gold digger but I did not ask, He offered, and all He wants in return is for me to keep on loving and visiting Him to listen and learn from His stories, it’s that easy. He is such a cool Dad, and I know if you feel orphaned and alone, He will definitely adopt you too, because the more children He has, that will love and accept Him, the happier He is, and I can guarantee, through my own experience, you will never ever look back.
My wonderful Dad has a Son called Jesus, and to think, He sacrificed His first Son to be crucified just so that I could have Him as my Dad forever. But this act of love was not only for me, but for anyone who wants Him as their Dad too. All you have to do is offer Him your life, become His child, accept Him as your eternal Father, live according to His word and hey hoe; you will be adopted just like I was. I would recommend you do this without delay, all because life with Him is so amazingly awesome, and life without Him, ask me I know, it sucks!
Oh by the way, my Dad resurrected His first Son Jesus, after the crucifixion, to sit with Him on His throne, and then when He is ready He will send for us too…so cool hey? Hope you too will decide to claim your piece of awesomeness from our Awesome Father. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

John 14: 18 – 19 (NKJV) 18 “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. 19 A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also”.

©Cheryl D. Robins 2011

Don’t Stop Chirping!

Psalm 120: 1.

In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me.

The opening lyrics in this Song of Ascent, clearly tell me that the writer was in a place that was uncomfortable, and possibly scary and lonely too. So he, in his anguish, called on God his Father, and in faithfulness, the Lord took heed of his tormented call, offering him comfortable relief in Him.

I saved a baby bird from the torments of my cat yesterday. We put it in a box lined with a soft towel, and proceeded to feed it water and milky bread, which was eagerly welcomed. It slept in the safety of the box for the night, and we were delighted to see it alive and well and eating again this morning.

I was getting ready to soak in His word, when I heard chirping from the room. I went to check and decided to take the precious bird out side, to see if it was strong enough to fly away. As I placed it on my hand into the open air, it starting chirping, and within seconds, its parents were there with anxious chirps back. They never gave up on the life of their baby; they remained close, waiting, and hoping. I placed it on the grass and in no time, it was once again reunited, and happily chi rping away together with its parents, a beautiful joyful chirping song for my ears.

The Lord Jesus will forever lurk

During our moments of anguish

He only waits for just one chirp

To save us from further languish

Food for thought:

This display, that took me away from His word to remind me of His ever presence, told me that we only have to chirp once for God’s awesomeness to encompass us. I realized that as close as those parents were to their baby, is not even as close as God is forever with us. It was a clear message that during those times, when we feel alone, all we have to do is chirp, and God will be there, even before our chirping is over. He is forever close, waiting, and hoping, for us to lean on Him.


Father God, thank You for the ways in which You reveal Your awesomeness. Thank You for reminding us, that You are closer than a chirp away, and all we need to do, is remember to chirp. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

© Cheryl D. Robins 2010


God made the snow capped mountains, which majestically line the horizon

He created waterfalls and fountains, which resemble bridal veils even when frozen

He made the grass and morning dew, that sparkle in the early light

He created night and each day anew, which are different but both a lovely sight

He made trees with umbrellas to shade, that cast shadows all over the ground

He created colours that never fade, that are so many and all around

He made different shapes in the sky, which are the clouds that stand proud

He created creatures that walk and fly, that all over the earth can be found

He made blue oceans that go so deep, that go around the world forever

He created little creatures that creep, that are scary to be with together

He made man as an image of Him that can talk and walk and sing

He created perfection but sadly there’s sin, which He will forgive if to Him you bring

God created a life eternal, which is a gift if you believe

He made Himself our Father maternal; as it was you He chose to conceive

So as He ordained your time of birth, as your wonderful and loving creator

Know He too ordained your fate on earth, so follow His will as your loving narrator

ROM 6:23 (NKJV)

The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

 ©Cheryl D. Robins 2004